Purchase WindowSMART 2015 Licenses

WindowSMART 2015 no longer needs to be purchased. It is open source as of February 21, 2022. I am working on building a key generator tool to allow you indefinite use of the versions of the software available on this site. The key generator will also allow you to use the software as it exists on GitHub as of today (February 26). Until someone picks up the project and removes the licensing modules from the code, it'll need to be licensed. Hence the need for a license key generator. But as open source, it's not appropriate to charge for it any longer.

However, until I get the key generator up and running, if you want to "purchase" the software, the links below will remain active for a little bit longer. I guess you can think of it as leaving a tip for your server. ;)

Edition WindowSMART 2015 Home
Single PC
WindowSMART 2015 Home
WindowSMART 2015 Professional
Licensing One Home PC Per Home Per Device
Recommended For Homes with One PC Homes with Multiple PCs Businesses
Price (USD) $24.95 $34.95 $34.95
US Military DiscountOpens in New Window Yes Yes Yes
Volume Pricing AvailableOpens in New Window No No Yes
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