Mobile Device Alerts from WindowSMART 2015

Disk problems? Don't just know about them. Know NOW.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today's society. Many people have more than one mobile device, such as a smartphone and a tablet. Because people lead busy lives and are often on the go, their mobile devices are essential. And because when a disk is about to fail, it doesn't let you pick the day or time, so WindowSMART will let you know if it detects trouble with your disks, even if you're halfway around the world! WindowSMART integrates with four very popular mobile notification tools on some of the most popular mobile platforms - Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If disk health problems are detected, WindowSMART will let you know instantly.

Please, Put Safety First! Arrive Alive!

We lead busy lives, and it's easy to try multitasking behind the wheel. If you're looking at your phone and not at the road, the minimum amount of time you're not paying attention to the road is 5 seconds. At 55 MPH (88.5 km/h), you will cover 300 feet (91 meters) of roadway without looking at the road! (Source:

Use of a mobile device while driving is very dangerous, and is illegal in many areas. Using your mobile device or trying to read a WindowSMART alert while driving puts you, your passengers and other motorists at risk of death or serious injury. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. If there is an urgent alert that demands your attention, pull off the road and come to a complete stop. Put safety first. Arrive alive.

Young Man Texting and Driving

Pushover for iOS and Android

Pushover is an app designed for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android phones and tablets. WindowSMART sends alerts to Pushover based on a user key that Pushover generates for you when you register with Pushover. Registration is free at Once you register with Pushover and install the app on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, you can start receiving WindowSMART 2015 alerts. You need to enter your user key into WindowSMART. Pushover allows you to customize the alert sound based on alert severity, and you can also send alerts to just one device, rather than all of your devices (if you use Pushover on multiple devices).

The app is available from the App Store and Google Play for a small fee, but it's a one-time fee and there is no advertising.

Pushover Logo

Prowl for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Prowl is an app designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including the iPhone 5 and third generation iPad. WindowSMART sends alerts to Prowl based on an API key you receive when you register with Prowl. Registration is free at Registration is required to receive Prowl alerts. Once you register with Prowl and install the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can add the Prowl API key into WindowSMART. WindowSMART can send Prowl alerts to up to five recipients--just enter the API keys separated by commas.

Prowl is a paid app, available in the App Store.

Prowl Logo

NMA for Android Phones and Tablets

Notify My Android (NMA) was an app designed for Android phones and tablets. The website was shut down in May, 2018. While the last release of our software, released in 2015, claims support for NMA, the owners of NMA shut the site down permanently. They cited the privacy regulations imposed by the European GDPR were something they were not comfortable with supporting. If you have an Android device, please use Pushover instead.

NMA Logo

Toasty for Windows Phone 7.5 and Later

Toasty is an app designed for use on smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5 or later. WindowSMART sends alerts to Toasty based on a unique device ID that Toasty assigns to your phone when you install Toasty. Toasty even allows you to regenerate the key. No registration on a third-party website is required. Once you have the device ID--Toasty even allows you to email it to yourself so you don't have to type it, you can add the device ID into WindowSMART. WindowSMART can send Toasty alerts to up to five recipients--just enter the device IDs separated by commas.

Toasty is a paid app, available in the Windows Marketplace.

Toasty Logo

Legal Disclaimers Regarding Mobile Devices

Receipt of alerts on your mobile device requires a compatible Apple, Android or Windows mobile device, either with wi-fi and/or a compatible cellular data plan.

Aritime, data and/or roaming charges may apply if alerts are being delivered to you over a cellular network (CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G, etc.) and wi-fi is not available. Check with your carrier. Not all services and features are available in all areas. Dojo North Software, LLC is not responsible for airtime, data and/or roaming charges you may incur.

Receipt of instant notifications requires the installation of third-party apps on your mobile device. Dojo North Software, LLC has tested Pushover, Prowl, Notify My Android and Toasty extensively. However, these apps and their back-end services are subject to change without notice, and may even disappear altogether. If using Pushover, Prowl or NMA, you must register with a valid email address on the respective vendor's website. It has been our experience that all of these vendors have honored their privacy policies and have neither spammed us nor have they sold our email addresses to third parties. We are happy to recommend them.

The notification apps include "do not disturb" or "quiet hours" features that, if enabled, may (or will) prevent WindowSMART notifications from generating audible alerts. If you receive alerts during that time, the alerts will be delivered. However, there may not be an audible or visual indication that such an alert was received. You will need to manually check the app to see if any WindowSMART alerts were received during the quiet hours.